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Kelly McCray

Kelly McCray has exhibited his work, curated exhibitions and directed galleries for the past 25 years. His photo-based work and videos have been exhibited in museums, public/commercial galleries, artist-run-centres, and international film festivals. In addition to receiving project grants, he was awarded the Pollock-Krasner Award for his 2001 Gnawts video/installation project. In 2013, he co-curated the Rare & Raw exhibition for the Leslie & Lohman Museum in New York and in 2019, co-produced the Artists Protest Project projections for Nuit Blanche. In 2021 he completed his MFA through York University.

Kelly McCray, Books in _Rapture_, 10 3_4_ x 7 1_4_.jpeg
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Books in “Rapture” evolved from the Surveillance Well Tower, 2022 exhibited at the Plumb Gallery in 2022. The 5’ book tower became a type of “well of knowledge” where books extended from the past to the future, Infinitely.

meh ta.jpg
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Response to Facebook Metaverse, 2021

meh - Used to show that you are not at all interested or impressed by something (Oxford Dictionary)

ta - Natural infantile sound of gratitude…informal thanks in England and Wales amongst adults (Online Etymology Dictionary)

The blue fb brand background is made with blue lights reflecting through steam.

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Gnawts 1, was derived from the Gnawts video I produced in 2000. The piece referenced AIDS and HIV, love and consumption, pain and pleasure. In the video, a male nude performer (artist) is bitten or gnawed on by a male figure in a suit, leaving a residue of “love bites” or marks of stigma.

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