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Dorothy Caldwell

My work is a map of land and memory. I am interested in the landmarks that give a sense of place and how humans mark and visualize the land.


The early surveyors, of Canada, measured and structured the land mathematically, but in the squares of the grid, they made notations on certain rare plant growth, unusual geological formations, and other points that they were personally drawn to.

Identifying my own personal landmarks, through gathering, touching, and recording is how I create a sense of place. The vocabulary for my work is drawn from studying textile traditions and ordinary stitching practices such as darning, mending and patching. I am drawn to cloth that has been repaired and reconstructed and in that ongoing process encodes time and the richness of lives lived.

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The first NFT issued by Dorothy Caldwell is called ‘How Do We Know When It’s Night’. The piece is an amalgam depicting the original work in its entirety in addition to detailed views showing delicate texture and pattern.  


Caldwell’s work spans over 50 years, from her early career in painting to her community engagement locally in rural Ontario and teaching around the world. She takes inspiration from the environment, human and natural histories, and place making.

Interview with Dorothy Caldwell

Dorothy Caldwell & Claire Benn - In Conversation

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